Not your typical school food.

Embedded in the heart and soul of the bustling Ivywild School since it opened, Ivywild Kitchen is a local eatery with a focus on straight-up comfort food with an inventive twist.

You might have noticed — we’ve recently “graduated” to a fresh new name and look, with some exciting menu changes ahead, but we’re not going anywhere.

We’re proud to anchor the Ivywild School, serving up good food for good people (that go with really good drinks.)

Our mission is fostering connection and community around the table. We do that by serving up inventive feel-good food, with something for everyone to enjoy.

On our full menu, you’ll find seasonal cuisine for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; snacks and small dishes to share; plus a selection of sweet treats from our offsite bakery. You can also find special menus from our kitchen at all the Ivywild School establishments. We prioritize local, artisan and handmade dishes using only the best ingredients.

. . . .

So, whichever table you’re gathering around at Ivywild School — at Bristol Brew Pub, Axe and the Oak Tasting Room, Principal’s Office or in main cafeteria — we hope you taste the care and love we put into each dish.

. . . .

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