Ivywild School

Ivywild School is a place where neighbors, friends, colleagues, and visitors can meet and mingle. Formerly an elementary school, Ivywild School re-opened in 2012 as a hub for the best of our community.

From local cuisine and craft beverage, to gathering spaces, education, events, music, art and gardens, the Ivywild School continues to be a hotspot of activity throughout the day through the reimagined school rooms.


Ivywild Kitchen

Food has always been part of the Ivywild School, and has evolved from a small bakery and limited offerings at the beginning to an expanded kitchen offering a full menu of homespun comfort faves, with an inventive twist.

We serve a full menu at our main counter, but you can also find our curated offerings on the menu at each establishment in the Ivywild School. We like to consider ourselves the heartbeat of the School, since good food always brings people around the table.


Principal’s Office

Our sister company is right around the “counter” from us, anchoring the community cafeteria space here at Ivywild School along with us. They serve up craft coffee & cocktails that go great with any dish on our menu.